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Why work with me?

Because I am StrongFirst SFG 1 Kettlebell Instructor. There is no higher standard of excellence in the fitness industry and no more capable or driven organization than StrongFirst.

The key to a healthy, sustainable healthy lifestyle strategy is to learn from people who can actually teach, using facts, logic, data, and experience, instead of myths, opinions, and popular whim. It’s a tough standard in the American fitness industry.

I may not have the answer to every question you’ll have but I will never try to connive, falsify, or otherwise mislead you just to cover up my own weaknesses.

I am the only SFG in the Chesterfield, MO and Wildwood, MO areas and one of only four SFGs in the St. Louis region.

Need help getting your healthy living strategy off the ground?

Nothing will propel it like the power of a kettlebell.