These kinds of loony eating adventures are not ideal, but they do make for interesting object lessons. No matter whether you eat only pizza, or only McDonald’s food, or only at Starbucks, the essential point ends up being the same thing: what you choose and how much of it you eat is what matter. This is characterized as the “flexible diet,” which is a contrivance. It’s just common sense within the delicious framework of pizza…and more pizza…and more pizza. And, nearly always, the people who do these things exercise. A lot.

A lot of what this guy did reflects the bits and pieces of advice that I wrote in my essay at Whole Life Challenge, which you can read here.

Here’s the breakdown of the diet: He ate 2,400 calories a day and included six total slices, which was equal to one extralarge pizza. But he didn’t eat sausage and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. On no! He chose the healthiest toppings possible to maximize nutrition. We’re talking less cheese and high-fat meats and more antioxidant-rich veggies, good fats, and lean protein. Every two hours, he’d eat one slice. He also included one hour of exercise a day five times a week, alternating between cycling, swimming, and running.

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