An amusing and interesting look at the relationship between exercise and alcohol consumption. Phew. Glad to know that my beer-after-some-workouts strategy isn’t going to kill me.

Many years ago, I used to run with a group called the Hash House Harriers; hashes, as they are known, frequently bill themselves as drinking clubs with a running problem. True, in my experience. 🙂

In my current St. Louis experience, I’d have to say on a hot day, few things taste better after a hike or two hours of lawn work than an ice cold Budweiser.

But while the available evidence suggests that exercise may encourage people to drink, it does not indicate that this relationship is necessarily worrisome for the vast majority of us, Dr. Leasure said. Someone who drinks moderately is unlikely to become a problem drinker as a result of exercise.

Source: The Close Ties Between Exercise and Beer – The New York Times