Are you coachable? I never thought of a person being coachable as a definable characteristic, but this article describes it nicely. As a coach myself, who has learned from countless teachers over the years, most of whom I’ve never met, but only read or heard their words, the two most important things you can do to advance your learning (and, hence, your practice of your art) are to set aside both survivorship bias and confirmation bias. Once you open your intellect this way, amazing things can happen.

One problem with successful people in most fields (including great athletes) is they suffer from both these things in abundance.

To achieve your goal, you must be willing to put all your experience and knowledge aside and follow another coach’s plan. There were times when I thought about changing something or adding in a different lift, but when I had those thoughts I took a step back and saw it almost as being disrespectful to Pavel. Why ask for help if you are not willing to commit?

Source: How Being Coachable Helped Me Tame the Beast – StrongFirstStrongFirst