Great article about a Marine on a mission. His insight is important and often lost in our view of fitness as a personal pursuit, which it clearly is. It is also about empowerment, not just of ourselves, but of the people we interact with. When we’re fit, robust, energized, and happy, we become better parents, partners, employers, leaders, co-workers, and teammates. So, while you should want to build fitness to be a better you, think also of how much your improvement allows you to do for those around you. It’s win-win.

It’s whatever helps you find the physical strength and the mental strength to finish the next rep—even when your hands bruise, your vision blurs, or your rib pops out of its socket, as Valentino’s did three times.

For Valentino, his motivation came from the Marines—and not just the imaginary ones at his checkpoints, but also the real ones suffering at home.

That’s because he used to be one of them.

Men’s Health: This Marine Broke the World Pullup Record—and You’ll Be Shocked at the Strange Way He Did It.