For everyone who wants six-pack abs or thinks that they demonstrate something healthy, important, or valuable. Read this piece from Men’s Health and reconsider what you are doing.  This article is a great example of how something that sounds like it should be healthy isn’t. It’s not healthy in concept (for the average adult or even the average recreational athlete) and it’s not healthy in actual practice. Who wants to be in a state of perpetual hunger. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide try every day, often with just pennies to their name, to not be in that state.

An electro-shocker belt hawked on a late-night infomercial won’t give you six-pack abs. At least not unless you can clip it to your tongue and use it to zap your taste buds. (Rendering all food as flavorless as rice cakes.) Achieving a visible six-pack is about work and sacrifice, not gimmicks and crunches. And while having abs can be nice, is the benefit worth the cost?

Source: How to Get Six-Pack Abs