Love Brett McKay and his wife, Kate, who write the Art of Maniliness. This is about the choice between going to the gym (a huge time and money sink, IMHO), and building a home gym in your garage.

I have had my gym in my basement since 1979. Olympic set, bench, squat rack, leg press, then plate loaded multi-station machine. Now, it’s heavy bag, kettlebells, sandbags, and training mats on the floor. Outside are slosh pipes and a power sled. I strength and power train three times weekly for about an hour. That’s on top of about 12 to 15 miles weekly of hiking and three hours or so weekly of karate training and practice. I couldn’t do all this if I also had to spend time driving back and forth to a gym and taking a chance that the equipment I really needed to use that day may not be available to me.

There are no lines at my house and my gear has no moving parts that can break (except me). That’s the ideal, maintenance-free gym. I tell all my clients…the gym should be the last of your options, not the first.

If you’re like thousands of folks across the country, the beginning of a new year — and its attendant resolution making — has prompted you to think about joining a gym. Alternatively, maybe you’re contemplating fleeing the new year’s crowds and creating your own gym in the garage. Or, perhaps you’re feeling stuck deciding between these two ideas and can’t make up your mind about which course of action to take. If so, this article is for you.

Six months ago, Kate and I canceled our gym memberships and created a home gym in our garage. Gus starting preschool this year put an end to our lazy mornings, where the whole family would meander to the gym together, and the grownups began their workday at noon. Kate and I had to figure out a way to get both our workouts in before taking Gus to school at 8am and starting in on our new early work schedule. A garage gym seemed like it would be a convenient time saver, shaving off the ten-minute drive to and from the commercial gym. And time

Source: The Pros and Cons of Garage vs. Membership Gyms | The Art of Manliness