Great article by author Elise Miller on how your exercise strategy should, first and foremost, concentrate on fundamentals. When you get ALL those, then add in the fluff. But, always…I repeat, ALWAYS, be skeptical of fads. Most great new things aren’t either.

Your body only moves in about five different ways, so you don’t need a hundred different exercises that take you two hours to complete. We push, pull, hinge at the hips, and squat. And we rotate. That leaves us with push-ups, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, and walking. Not running 10 miles. Not jumping up and down like a lunatic with a patented gizmo that promises crazy results in 30 days. Not hot yoga. Not barre. Not pole dancing.

POPSUGAR: If You Want to Get Fit, Stay Real and Forget the Latest Trends.