Unforgettable and ESSENTIAL words of wisdom from strength coach Shane Trotter. Most athletes — and most non-athletes folks just trying to get and stay fit — try to do too much. Back off a notch, take your time, enjoy the experience, even immerse yourself in it. Learn to appreciate how you move and aim to make your movements as perfect as they can be in an imperfect world. It’ll make a world of difference to your fitness, performance, and to just how good you feel.

While I commend coaches who emphasize work ethic, planning and remaining true to the fundamentals are essential. We live in a reactive society, driven to do everything, all the time. Most athletes would be far better served by a simple plan with a disciplined focus on tempo, rest intervals, and form. Workouts don’t need to be complicated, and doing more will not get you more.
A far better approach is to do less, but do it better. Be consistent, focus on the essentials, and find ways to bring an enthusiasm to your work. This is the secret behind making amazing improvements.

Breaking Muscle: The Myth of More Is Better.