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Big surprise. Exercise DVDs teach and reinforce the wrong things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with exercising in the privacy of your own home, but there’s a good chance that your DVDs don’t add much value to what you are doing. Learning how to do things well is much more important than pursuing 6-pack abs.

A study of 10 popular commercial exercise DVDs showed that the imagery in the fitness videos may be perpetuating and reinforcing hyper-sexualized and unrealistic body images, said Brad Cardinal, a kinesiology professor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University.

Source: Exercise DVDs could be psychologically harmful for users, new research shows — ScienceDaily

The industry of fitness and exercise DVDs accumulates more than $250 million a year, but Cardinal said there is no scientific data proving their effectiveness or the accuracy of the information within them. He also said the industry is largely unregulated.”You’re inviting into your home these images and messages that could make you feel bad about yourself, and ultimately hinder your efforts to improve your health,” said Cardinal.Cardinal urged the public to be mindful of the potential effects of exercise DVDs when selecting and buying these products. Along with the imagery and language used in the exercise videos, he said further studies should be done regarding the efficacy of exercise DVDs. In addition, most of the fitness instructors seem to have little to no credentials in fitness instruction, he said.

Source: Want To Stay Fit And Healthy? Don’t Use An Exercise DVD : LIFE : Tech Times