Source: Wikimedia Commons; Ukko

The High Fat (HF) DASH diet contains full-fat dairy, which is increasingly starting to look like a very useful tool for healthy eating and, subsequently, maintenance of healthy biomarkers. If further studies reinforce this point, then 40 years of government and American Heart Association advice to drink skim milk (sugar water) instead of whole milk will have been shown to be not just worthless and stupid, but outright dangerous and harmful lies.

The HF-DASH diet significantly reduced triglycerides and large and medium sized very low-density lipoprotein particles in comparison with the DASH diet, and there was no significant difference in LDL-C response between these diets. Therefore the modified HF-DASH diet presents an effective alternative to the widely recommended DASH diet, with less stringent dietary fat constraints that may promote even broader implementation.

Source: Higher fat variation of DASH diet lowers blood pressure, triglycerides, study shows: DASH diet variation does not raise LDL cholesterol — ScienceDaily