This was a huge victory for everyone who believes in personal freedom and free enterprise. Hats off to Greg Glassman, the leader of CrossFit, for quashing the movement to require exercise professionals to meet legislatively restrictive licensing standards. What that really is is a restraint of trade. People should be free to work with whomever they wish, whoever they trust, in whatever context they wish. The frauds will get sorted out, quite quickly in most cases. The people whose methods work will develop a following and succeed in a free and open marketplace. Oh, and for everyone who thinks that licensure is an assurance of quality, explain this to me: one-third of all healthcare in the U.S., dispensed or ordered by licensed physicians, dentists, etc. , is unnecessary, incorrect, negligent, or harmful. How’s all that licensure-based protection working out for us? Licensure is just a lock on the gate to the marketplace, put in place by people who want to control both information and access to resources. Groups like the ACSM, ACE, and other personal trainer factories are the ones behind all this. These are the same groups that, in cahoots with the government, have been pushing the take-a-walk-and-don’t eat-fat messages for the last 30 years. Where’s that gotten us?

Gavin Bowie, 44, regularly works out with a personal trainer in Washington. He said the rules are unnecessary. In the past year he switched from a trainer that held several certifications to a “gym rat” with little formal training. He said the new trainer is producing better results.“There is place in the world for kinesiologists and place in the world for guys that are ex-Marines,” he said. “Either is entirely capable of doing a great job.”

Source: Anti-Licensing Movement Scores a Victory – WSJ