Swinging 44 pound kettlebells in my backyard.

You can overdo most things in life. Strength is not one of them. Most people don’t think through what physical strength is…it’s the training of the neurological system as well as the muscles. They are integrated units and it is their synergy that produces physical strength. You literally cannot have too much of it…or too much emotional, psychological, spiritual, or intellectual strength, for that matter. Most people fear strength because they misunderstand it (“I don’t want to lift heavy, because I’ll get too big.”), as if we are a population of people just waiting to turn into Arnold, circa 1980. Strength is not only powerful movement, it is also grace and resilience. If you think you can have too much of either of those things, you are, quite simply, wrong.

Greasing the groove is how we practice the skill of strength, and as we know, practice doesn’t make perfect — perfect practice does. You want to “program” the movement into your neuromuscular system as perfectly as possible, so perform the reps of whatever exercise you’re performing perfectly.

Source: How to Get Stronger by Greasing the Groove | The Art of Manliness