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There is, quite literally, no shortage of healthy food available in the developed world. If you feed yourself and your kids a steady stream of snacks, sweets, and fast food, that’s on you. 100% on you. Those are your choices, your decisions, your actions. The eating traditions that you establish in your household will ultimately prove much more powerful and persuasive to your kids than food marketing. I know, because I have 12 year old boy who, like all 12 year olds would rather eat Ruffles than brocolli. But, he can run circles around the average American adult when it comes to pointing out marketing tactics and corporations’ self-interest in ads. He also knows the difference between good food and treat food and accepts that the former is the gateway to the latter. The results: a healthy body weight and two karate national championships.

Stop blaming everyone else for what’s going wrong with the health of your children. Spend some time in front of a mirror.

“Some mums were giving children chips, crisps and sugary drinks at five months old,”said the study’s lead author, Sahota, in comments this week to the Daily Mirror. “The fact children are having this kind of food at such an early age is concerning enough. But parents are establishing bad eating habits for life.”

She’s right. Parents are to blame here. But they’re not alone. The parents of those parents, too, who’ve failed to teach their own children that feeding French fries and soda to an infant is no way to raise a child, deserve some share of the blame.

Reason: Don’t Blame Food Companies for What You Feed Your Kids.