I’m not 60 yet, but moving rapidly in that direction (59 will be here in December). Lots of good observations in this piece, many of which I see reflected in myself and my views on life now. While the clock is obviously ticking in an unfavorable direction, I see my life as definitely being a nearly full glass. I came from nothing, in material terms, but am arriving at the cusp of retirement with a great wife, an inimitable son, a varied and high energy career behind me, and vibrant new avocations (karateka and kettlebell instructor), in front of me. I am glad for who I am, and even with the mistakes I’ve made (I had to make them in order to help son not make them), I am in an overall good spot. Don’t fear aging. It’s okay. It’s also okay to face it head-on, and work your butt off to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. That’s what Aristotle wanted us to do.

As you get older, you make more choices based on logic and practicality. You also make decisions on what brings you personal joy at the time. You no longer base decisions on how others may judge them. The opinions of others affect you less and less. Arriving at the ripe age of 60 allows you to live your life just for you, so you pursue choices that will bring you happiness in the time you have left.