Great article from I love how nearly all of them apply to living a healthy lifestyle, treating yourself well both physically and mentally. Enjoy.

2. Exercise, almost every day. Maybe this is just me. But if I’m not active, I can’t trust myself. I can’t trust my emotions, my reactions, my thinking. Regular exercise resets me.

The other two I love are: understand the value of time…it is your most precious resource. You can never retrieve time wasted in anger, frustration, or self-pity. You can make more money, make new friends, even find love more than once in life, and, of course, you can always buy more stuff. But, at the end of it all, it’s still just stuff. What matters in the sense of personal contentment you build for yourself, and that’s an internal project. Second, I really like the last one…that you never really will know your place in history. Think about that for a second; in the entire tableau of human history (probably about 3 million years and the 100 billion people who’ve lived before the 7 billion alive right now), you have a slot that is your very own. What are you doing with that slot?