TIE hits a home run with this paragraph.

Unfortunately, the health of Americans and others is at stake. Should we be eating more polyunsaturated fats? Should we be avoiding saturated fats? The honest answer is: I don’t know. Given my review of the evidence, I stand by my previous recommendations, which essentially focus more on foods and less on nutrients. I think the state of nutrition research in general is shockingly flawed.

However, it is worth noting that until the government and private industry got into bed with one another and producing all this supposedly valuable research, humans had gotten along just fine without it all. The biggest improvements in lifespan came with antibiotics, sanitation systems, clean air and water rules, and basic improvements in nutrition, such as ensuring that everyone had enough to eat. Everything else, such as did you get your kale today, is garbage. The average American nutritionist or dietitian, except in rare circumstances, doesn’t know any more of importance today than did my nutrition professor in college in 1979. Eat simply, eat as much whole food as you can. Stop eating when you are full. It’s not complicated; the only people who’ve made it complicated are the entities and charlatans who benefit financially from you believing that you cannot do what people have done for millions of years without advice or coercion…eat.

Source: http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/a-study-on-fats-that-doesnt-fit-the-story-line/