Weight loss is never easy, not even for coaches and trainers. It takes time, patience, a lot of self-acceptance, and an acknowledgment that almost all the modern nutrition research you read is garbage. For most people most of the time, the answer really is eat less, exercise more. Within those four words, however, is the room for a million different strategies. You can (and must) find eating and exercise habits that work for you. If cannot embrace what you are trying to do, you will not be able to do them for very long, and absent sustainability it’s all just a house of cards.

There’s no magic formula for how long it takes to create a habit (or undo one). You just have to do, and keep doing.

Of course, this means that one has to change, and go through the slow process of habit change. As the saying goes, if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  You need to take the time to discover and then practice what works for you. The more one can adopt sustainable behaviors during weight loss itself the greater the chance one will be able to successfully battle the body’s urge to regain weight.  And this takes time, not just months but years of time.

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