Thanks again to the Russells of CrossFit for posting my essay on Big Brother’s approach to fitness.

Keep Fitness Legal

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to present this guest post by Vik Khanna.

Do you have a big brother? I don’t, and I don’t want one. And, I’m not talking about a sibling. I am talking about an organization, such as the government or a corporation, that, under the guise of knowing what’s best forme, wants to constantly observe my behavior.

Observation is just the beginning; observed behaviors that do not meet some vague, fickle standard will, of course, require re-education, manipulation … correction … or, at worst, coercion. If this all sounds quite Orwellian … well, of course, it is.


Don’t look now, but that time is right around the corner. As some readers of this post may know, over the past several years, I have spent a lot of time taking down the workplace wellness industry, which rivals the conventional fitness industry for the title…

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