OUTSTANDING essay by Bret McKay. No matter whether you are male or female, if you are trying to find your way in the morass of garbage pitched at you by the healthcare, fitness, and nutrition industries, be courageous. Stick to fundamentals. Persist. Be proud of your gains, no matter how small. Better to be a courageous slowpoke than a bold and fast fool always looking for the next trick instead of the next challenge.

Courage is deciding to stay home and work on your side business when your friends are going out; courage is eating a chicken breast and broccoli when you really want a Big Mac; courage is keeping your junky car instead of getting an upgrade, and using the money saved to pay down your debt and become financially independent.Courage is digging deeper into pat media narratives instead of coasting with the masses to form a political opinion; courage is taking on small ways to serve in your community instead of deciding that if you can’t make a big difference, it isn’t worth trying at all; courage is choosing sincerity and earnestness over cynicism and apathy.Courage is deciding to live virtuously in your day-to-day life, even when those who lack integrity seem to be the ones getting ahead.

Source: Courage Vs. Boldness: How To Live With Spartan Bravery | The Art Of Manliness