This is more interesting and useful than virtually any other nutrition study reported in the MSM this week. Of course, that’s a low bar, since most nutrition “scientists” don’t actually do science, and the MSM reporters who regurgitate press releases are even dumber than the researchers.

“In conclusion, the NIA and UW nonhuman primate ageing and CR (caloric reduction) studies address a central concept of relevance to human ageing and human health: that the age-related increase in disease vulnerability in primates is malleable and that ageing itself presents a reasonable target for intervention,” note the researchers. “Processes impacted by CR would be prime targets for the development of clinical interventions to offset age-related morbidity, and identification of factors involved in the mechanisms of CR will be pivotal in bringing these ideas to clinical research and human health care.”

This study was done in primates, not rats or mice. It’s not perfect, but it’s more interesting that nearly every study of the past 10 years telling us all how to eat (skip breakfast, don’t skip breakfast; eat lunch, don’t eat lunch; blah, blah, blah) because virtually all those papers relied upon memory or recall-based tools. They didn’t actually measure anything. Dopes just be dopes.

Source: Good News: Research Confirms Way to Boost Healthy Longevity – Hit & Run :