The quality of the material published in Men’s Health varies quite a bit from exceptional to absolute dreck. This is on the better end of the scale. I like the author’s very quantitative, no-excuses approach to helping people understand just how much time they have available every week and how they use it. More often than not, the way you use your time is your choice.

I have done three things in the past couple of years to free up exercise time for myself: 1) I took myself off email lists; email has become nothing but just another vehicle for letting junk information invade our lives; 2) I removed Twitter and Facebook from my phone; not having these two time invaders on my phone was very enlightening. I spend much more time focused on positive, proactive things, rather than having my face buried in a timeline of nonsense; 3) I use social media (including the aforementioned Twitter and Facebook) only from my desktop or Chromebook, and I am on those two for increasingly shorter periods of the day. Shedding social media has been empowering; it’s let me rediscover the joys of silence, music, and just enjoying life with my incredible wife, son, and two German Shepherds.

If you choose not to organize your life, if you choose not to pull yourself away from games and social media, if you choose not get the negative people out of your life, you will have chosen your path. And your path — and your decisions — are not my problem. Your choices have consequences that you should be prepared to pay. And, you will pay for them in stress, sickness, medications, anger, frustration, and chronic illness. We blather a lot about choice in this culture; just remember that when you choose not to help yourself, you are really just contributing to your own demise, either emotionally or physically. When I coach clients who show up for lessons without having practiced a thing, I remind them — gently, but firmly — that when they choose not to practice between lessons, they are making a choice to not move forward and that when they are done working with me, they’ll essentially still be where they were at the start of the processes. Your choices — throughout the day, no matter how large or how small — define you. Don’t be defined by the crowd and the negative. Choose to carve a new, positive trail for yourself.

Everyone has enough time for health and fitness. You don’t even need the full 9 hours every week to get in incredible shape. In my Men’s Health book Maximus Body, I created a 6-month training plan that will radically transform your body with just 5 weekly hours of exercise. That still leaves you 4 hours a week for Netflix!

If you choose not to use those 9 hours, that’s your prerogative. But realize it’s not a question of can’t—it’s a choice. I understand that some days things come up and you really may not have time to train that day. But over the course of a week, you do have the time.

Men’s Health: Don’t Have Time to Work Out? Here’s Why That’s Total BS.