Calling all LEOs, firefighters, medics, active duty military & veterans

ingI would like to start and run a free kettlebell class for active/retired first responders, active duty military personnel, and honorably discharged veterans. The class would be held at the Missouri Karate Association, where I train and I am the strength coach.

I am a StrongFirst-trained strength coach, and I have 42 years experience in strength training. This is my way of giving back to the people who serve and protect. If you or someone you know (and care about) is looking for a credible, no-b.s. approach to good health, please email me at Once I have critical mass (I’d like to have at least six people willing to take the plunge and make the commitment), I will survey folks to arrive at a consensus day and time. I envision the class running in blocks of about six to eight weeks, with breaks in between blocks. We’ll start out meeting once weekly and go to twice weekly if people want to.

You don’t need any gear except training clothes, and your own kettlebell. I’ll advise on which size to buy to get started. The only other things you need to bring are determination and drive. No kettlebell experience necessary, and it does not matter whether you are in shape, out of shape, or something in between. If you are willing to try, I am willing to teach.