Great article about processed foods. Do you cook anything you eat? Then, you’ve processed it. We’ve made eating absurdly complicated, in large part because people and companies benefit from the window dressing of complexity because they can then sell you stuff that supposedly simplifies it all.

Here’s the simple formula I follow (and have for, oh, my entire adult life):

Eat in moderation; choose from a broad variety of foods (that you, obviously, find palatable); eat in as unhurried a manner as you can; cook for yourself as much as possible; fresh, frozen, and canned foods can all have a useful place in your diet; and, remember, that small amounts of the fun stuff (salt, sugar, alcohol) are unlikely to do you harm if your big picture strategy is in order. If it isn’t, fix that first.

You must also exercise regularly. Because eating is not a substitute for building and sustaining fitness. They are the two sides of the coin known as good health.

The bottom line is that trying to avoid processing completely gets you nowhere — it’s extremely difficult to do, and there’s no real evidence that you need to anyway.

Why Processed Foods Aren’t As Bad As You Think