Training challenges are a potentially useful tool for engaging people and helping to focus on a discrete set of goals. However, like all forms of physical training, they need a framework, limits, and logic. Training challenges should never leave people drained or injured, and they are not a means to establish the superiority of the trainer or coach. I love the header below…Dumbass Trainers, Pointless Workouts. Gyms all over America are filled with both. If you are stuck with one or both of those, there is a better way. Come work with me and put the power of a kettlebell in your hands.

Dumbass Trainers, Pointless Workouts

Want to know one of my training pet peeves? Watching “trainers” smash people with challenges they never did themselves and will never do. If your workout has “300 of these” or “300 of those” and was thought up the night before while someone got inspired by the movie 300 on Netflix, the odds are good the workout will be tough, but ultimately make no sense.

Don’t do a physical challenge just for the sake of doing a physical challenge. Challenges are checkpoints to monitor the productivity of your training and offer a snapshot of your current level of fitness (speed, body composition, strength, and endurance). Anyone can create an “extreme” or “#BEASTMODE” challenge to crush people. Watch, here’s one:

  • 500 burpees
  • 400 meters of lunge walks
  • Bear crawl a mile

We’ll call it “Pub Crawl Gone Wrong.” Ready? Go!