Very interested randomized trial of the benefits of protein ingestion before bedtime. Where’s my protein shake?

On  a more serious note, my problem in following the study’s approach would be the evening exercise. It just never feels good to me. For me, all forms of physical training feel best when I get them done by early afternoon. I am very much a hang out and relax kind of guy in the late afternoon and evening.

So, if you are an older guy, what can you take away from this? The most useful finding is that protein ingestion before sleep promotes overnight protein synthesis. Remember, BOTH groups showed increased protein synthesis, but the exercise + protein led to greater protein synthesis overnight. What we don’t know from this is whether it mattered. How much of a difference did this make to lean body mass? To strength? To function? To short or long-term health outcomes. Those are all different studies that are worth doing.

The real value of this study, compared to the overwhelming amount of dreck paraded out as “science” by the exercise and nutrition industries is that it was a randomized trial with a simple, elegant design. We need more of this kind of work.

Physical activity performed in the evening augments the overnight muscle protein synthetic response to presleep protein ingestion and allows more of the ingested protein-derived amino acids to be used for de novo muscle protein synthesis during overnight sleep in older men.

Source: Physical Activity Performed in the Evening Increases the Overnight Muscle Protein Synthetic Response to Presleep Protein Ingestion in Older Men