Great summary point, which drives home the message that what you do for yourself is much more powerful than what the medical care industry will try to do to you…convince you to become a patient through worthless and harmful checkups and screenings and then get on drugs that they will never help you stop using. The potential of iatrogenic harm is far worse than the likelihood of an adverse event from mildly elevated risk factors. A high level of fitness (strength and aerobic capacity) negates the minor risk from mildly elevated risk factors and that isn’t even taking into account the benefits to your genetic material by the preservation of telomeres.

My BP is borderline high and so is my cholesterol. I dare anyone (in my age group) from any wellness vendor anywhere in the country to come train with me for a week. Make sure you bring your gurney.

“The benefits of being physically active over a lifetime are clear,” said Dr Per Ladenvall of Gothenburg University. “Low physical capacity is a greater risk for death than high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Source: Lack of exercise from middle age second to smoking as highest death risk in men – The i newspaper online iNews