Another excellent essay by StrongFirst’s Chief SFG, Brett Jones. This is very well worth the time (and patience) to read if you are trying to frame your training strategy and wondering how best to do that. Follow Brett’s suggestions, and you’ll be well on your way to have a solid training plan that is goal-driven, realistic, manageable, and suited to you and your situation. Be patient with yourself.

Let’s start first with the concept of “fire.” Fire can reduce some things to ashes or provide light and heat for survival. Iron is melted by the heat of a flame, but the same iron is tempered by heat. So, “time is a fire.” These words are asking us to consider that time will consume us in the end, but before then will we be melted by it or tempered by it? And how do we determine whether we will be melted or tempered?

“Patience is a virtue” might be one of the most famous quotations on patience. Patience applies to everything—from the timing of a swing or push press to being able to accept a detour due to injury that adds months to your program.

Source: How to Exercise the Vital Muscle of Patience – StrongFirst