This video is OUTRAGEOUS. Because it manages to be sad, true, and hilarious all at once. If you are one of the suckers the host is talking about, I feel sorry for you…a little. You are mostly killing yourself with your own poor choices. No one is holding your family hostage and making you do all this stupid stuff. If you are a shill in the nutrition/diet/supplement/fast food industries and pitch things for which there isn’t even logic, let alone evidence, well, you are a moron and a fraud.

The punchline remains the God’s honest truth: eat moderately (and thoughtfully); exercise moderately (and occasionally with great gusto); and, to those two things I add…manage the stress in your life, especially toxic relationships. Dump ’em. Beyond that become comfortable with yourself. Because if you are not that, you really not anything at all.

The companies encourage yo-yo dieting and ensure that the cycle is in constant motion.

Horton delivers the final blow with this line: “We deliberately design our programmes for failure.” This video shows what an honest dieting product should tell consumers (‘we’re designed for failure’)