Intention is critical to long-term life success. It is the focused discipline of making conscientious choices and asserting yourself…frequently, over your own impulses…to choose more wisely and strategically in all facets of your life. This article about intentionality begins with (no surprise) exercise, followed by nutrition, your social circle, and the stimuli you allow into your head and your home.

There is no shortage in what you can achieve by becoming intentional rather than trying to live on autopilot. Don’t live in a no-brain zone.

You can apply a mindset of intention to all aspects of your life. These 4 aspects are great starting points to regain control when we have so many external forces pulling us in so many directions. You have greater control over your outcomes – and therefore your happiness – than you realize.

Inc.: How to Remarkably Transform Your Life in 4 Ways Through a Mindset of Intention.