Outside Magazine publishes some very useful and well-written fitness material. This article falls into that bucket. Excellent, clear, straightforward, actionable advice from an NFL strength coach. This is so not workout-of-the-day/week/month b.s. Be great (and keep getting better) at fundamentals is a fitness strategy that will last a lifetime. Don’t think so? Not to be self-aggrandizing, just look at me. I’m going to turn 60 in December and since 1975, all I have done is train daily using one of the following modalities: hiking, running, cycling, lifting (first conventional weights and now kettlebells), and body weight training. All I do is mix the sets/reps/intensity/duration, and I get all the variety I’ve ever needed or will ever need. I feel, move, and look like I am 45.

Read this piece and pay attention to what this guy says. He may be a coach to the stars, but he really knows his stuff, and far too many trainers and coaches don’t

Train with Intention

The quality of any training session is directly correlated with the intention behind each movement. You should be completely focused on each and every rep. Research shows that your mind cues your body and helps with force production. For example, when doing a push-up, think “push the ground away” during each repetition.

Outside: Strength Tips from the NFL’s Top Trainer. https://www.outsideonline.com/2114981/strength-tips-nfls-top-trainer