Gawd, I love Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength. You must read this complete annihilation of the National Institute on Aging and their laughably incompetent (but good enough for government work) guide to exercise for older adults. Only government bureaucrats — and richly funded P.R. consultancies — could produce information this bad.

In three + months, I will turn 60. I walk 5 miles almost every day. Four days a week I do enough kettlebell, sandbag, prowler, and weighted carry work to bury guys half my age. And, I don’t plan to stop. If you are an older adult who is following the NIA’s guidelines instead of thinking and acting like a competent adult, then you get what you pay for.

In this case, as in many others, when you do what the government tells you to do, you drive towards their ends…remaining a weak, dependent, thoughtless sap. Not my cup of tea, thank you very much.

Once again, the NIH has spent $2.6 million dollars on a website that encourages elderly people to “exercise” in ways that cannot effectively address the concerns that exercise for the elderly should address.