A killer good article on what’s wrong with nutrition research and nutrition guidelines. This physician — and if you know me, you know I rarely compliment physicians — nails the creeps and idiots who have fashioned the so called healthy guidelines shoved down our collective throats by the government and idiocy groups, er, I mean advocacy groups, such as the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

By the way, if you are a dietitian or nutritionist reading, I think you are no more insightful about nutrition and human health than the average person on the street. You and your “advice” are a plague on the public, from the nitwits who promote drinking skim milk (sugar water) to outright quacks like Colin Campbell, the author of that monumental piece of nutrition detritus, the infamous China Study.

Yusuf presented evidence that many of the most significant and impactful nutrition recommendations regarding dietary fats, salt, carbohydrates, and even vegetables are not supported by evidence.

Source: Top Cardiologist Blasts Nutrition Guidelines | Medpage Today