Good for E.A.S.A.C. to have the guts and brains to denounce homeopathy as the quackery that it is. They should have included naturopathy. The problem with all these “pathies” is that they all offer quick fixes for things that people don’t want to take the time and effort to do. Taking care of your self is not rocket science, and, clearly, neither is any of this stuff.

Basically, homeopaths find a substance from a list of many remedies, and then dilute it a great deal either in tincture, water, or some other substance and have patients ingest it to cure symptoms.This is fine because ultimately the placebo effect can cure a whole lot, symptomatically. But when homeopathic remedies are offered in place of cancer treatment, well, that’s bad news. Last week, the European Academies Science Advisory Council issued a statement: After reviewing the research out there, they determined that there’s no robust, reproducible evidence backing homeopathy’s effectiveness for any of the diseases it’s supposed to treat.

European Scientists Agree: Homeopathy Is Pure Quackery.