Source: Wikimedia Commons; Ukko

Vicious and well-deserved take-down of a wide variety of so-called health professionals talking about the dangers of protein, especially in men and growing boys. Done as only Coach Mark Rippetoe can do it.

Who is this moron Dr. Jerel Calzo? Just goes to show that the Ph.D. degree is virtually worthless when it comes to understanding how things actually work.

This all boils down to one aspect of the current popular culture narrative: boys and men don’t need to be bigger and stronger. In fact, it’s much better if they aren’t bigger and stronger, because that is intimidating to people who aren’t. So they will use every tool at their disposal to discourage the acquisition of muscle mass, up to and including lying about the medical ramifications of doing so. Look at this amazing paper by the aforementioned Dr. Calzo:… Tell me that the man does not have an agenda here that involves more than your kidneys.