A great example of how mind numbingly stupid so many “exercise professionals” are. While you clearly need to have a plan for doing it, learning how to do weighted carries is one the best ways to build whole body strength and power.

Plot a short distance near your house (say, 50 yards, in 10 yard increments). Start with a weight you know you can handle safely, with as close to perfect posture as you can achieve. You might start with a five or ten pound bag of dirt or sand. Walk the 50 and back. Rest, repeat until you can no longer keep your posture or hold the bag.

My kid (14) and I do weighted carries once or twice a month. He can do a 20 yard suitcase carry with 75 pounds, and he is building a body of steel.

I’ve done a mile walk with 60 pounds. Pay attention to your technique. Rest as needed, and call for a ride home if go too far and can’t make it back. Don’t listen to nitwits like the ones in this article, blabbing about what you cannot do.