Almost $3,000 for this? What a colossal waste of money. Just one more exercise thingy that American consumers will be persuaded to buy, use for a while, and then will remain fallow. The fitness industry is nothing if not creative at finding new ways to dupe people.

Workouts created by eight trainers! Wow! How ever will I be able to withstand the elation.

Here’s a thought. Save your money. Get a good pair of running shoes for either running or walking ($100 each, twice per year). Get one kettlebell to start with…let’s say $50 for a 35 pounder (plus shipping) at Rogue Fitness. Find a kettlebell instructor who actually knows what he or she is talking about (yes, easier said that done). Get a couple of lessons, or if you are really adept at visual learning, subscribe to the YouTube channels of StrongFirst or kettlebell experts such as Pat Flynn. Watch, learn, try, adjust. And, voila! You have the tools and knowledge you need to do for yourself for the long term.

Tonal brings the world of smart training to weight lifting. Forget hiring a personal trainer — you get customized workouts right at home.

Source: This New Smart Fitness Machine Will Change How You Lift Weights • Gear Patrol