Eggs will not kill you


Eating up to 12 eggs weekly does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes


How Anthony Joshua creates his knockout power | Sport | The Times

Great discussion of punching power and the kinetic chain. I definitely would not want to get hit by Anthony Joshua. Also a great example of what it means to have an expert dissect a movement.   Source: Times Sport Dissects:…

You Work Out More Than You Need To; Not

Utterly moronic analysis of an otherwise interesting study by Schoenfeld et al. Earth to Cosmo: this study was 34 young men, all of whom were already fit, strong, and experienced in strength training. This means that the study is not broadly generalizable…

More Evidence That Sitting Is Bad For Us — And Exercise Alone Won’t Save Us

A great example of MSM science writing that is the opposite of insightful and critical. Ms. Walton appears to have both no understanding of physiology and no understanding of how to use the know, the Google machine. Trying to…