A great example of MSM science writing that is the opposite of insightful and critical. Ms. Walton appears to have both no understanding of physiology and no understanding of how to use the Internet…you know, the Google machine.

Trying to do any one thing all the time, or even most of the time, is probably a bad idea. Sitting too much is bad for you, but so too is standing all the time. As I write this, painters are working on the interior of our house. To do the lower part of the walls and baseboards, they kneel for hours at a time. Good for them? Probably not, but it’s how they earn their livings.

What matters at the end of the day is whether or not you keep a matrix of risk factors under control: body weight, fitness (not just exercise amount…another flaw in most studies about which Ms. Walton is apparently ignorant), diet quality, blood pressure and blood sugar, and triglycerides. And, of course, don’t smoke or abuse other drugs. That’s how you stay healthy for the long run.

Check out my article for CrossFit from a couple of years ago on the “sitting is bad for you” nonsense.

More Evidence That Sitting Is Bad For Us — And Exercise Alone Won’t Save Us