A vital analysis of what’s wrong with nutrition research and data publication by the inestimable John P. Ioannidis of Stanford. Most people in the fitness and nutrition industries likely have no idea who he is and why what he writes is important.

He’s joining the chorus — in ever so polite a way — that nutrition research in America is garbage. And most of the so-called nutrition experts making recommendations as they though spouting received wisdom are, quite frankly, morons who wouldn’t know a scientific principle if it fell on their heads.

However, the vast majority of these trials are small, without clear primary outcomes, and are selectively reported and published. Perhaps the same resources might suffice to conduct a smaller number of large-scale, long-term, fully registered, and transparent trials that would be fully and appropriately reported. Then, I wouldn’t be disappointed to also see some informative “positive” results.

Source: We need more randomized trials in nutrition—preferably large, long-term, and with negative results