Utterly moronic analysis of an otherwise interesting study by Schoenfeld et al. Earth to Cosmo: this study was 34 young men, all of whom were already fit, strong, and experienced in strength training.

This means that the study is generalizable to people in that group, which likely includes few of your readers. The subhead for this article is “Don’t ya just love science?”, but Cosmo’s senior health and fitness editor Elizabeth Narins doesn’t actually understand it. Or, if she does, she is willing to simply gloss over facts and implications for a the sake of promoting a narrative. In either case, her analysis is worthless.

Science is indeed great. It’s even better when MSM writers actually think about and understand what they are writing.

If you want to get a really good understanding of what this study means, check out the Instagram post from Strength and Conditioning Research writer Chris Beardsley.

Strength training is HARD work. Don’t kid yourself. But it’s worth if you stick with it. I know because I have been lifting for 44 years.