Never underestimate the fitness industry’s vast reservoir of bullshit. Pursue quality in all things, not quantity.

To wit: if you pursue quality above all other characteristics, you are far less likely to be disappointed than if you chase speedy, inexpensive, or gaudy outcomes that are more likely than not unrealistic, unachievable, or useless.I can make a strong argument (and have) that the fitness industry is an abject failure. The reasons for that claim are complex and multifaceted, but the evidence to support is, as the lawyers say, res ipso loquitor. We are the fattest, softest culture in the history of Western civilization, and we are more addicted to medical care (which is marketed to us incessantly in all its unctuous forms) than we are to the unique forms of self-respect and self-reliance that derive from the planning and performance of physical work.

Source: StrongFirst Instructors and the Obligation of Quality | StrongFirst