Great little op-ed at Bar Bend, by Nick English, on why the kettlebell overhead press is so valuable.

My genetics put all my muscle in my butt and my quads, and for the longest time it seemed I was doomed to have low mass is my upper body and in particular my shoulders. Nothing I did could make them any bigger or stronger, or so I thought until I learned the inescapable fact: the overhead press is better with a kettlebell.When comparing dumbbells and kettlebells most people defer to “kettlebells are better for conditioning and explosive movements” and leave it at that. But while I wouldn’t argue that kettlebells are always better — we can all agree it’s better to curl a dumbbell — the overhead press is something that is plain better with the kettlebell.

Source: Op-Ed: The Kettlebell Press Is Better Than the Dumbbell Press – BarBend