Joonas Hiekkinen writes great stuff from down under. This essay is long, but an excellent read on the value — the overwhelming, indisputable clinical and non-clinical value — of physical training, especially vigorous training. Read and then do. Or at least quit complaining about how crappy you feel because it’s not like there isn’t an army of people out there — such as Joonas and me — telling you how to do better.

I especially like how much Joonas emphasizes walking. You almost can’t do too much of it.

Vigorous movement is so good and powerful for us that you’d be forgiven to think it should be illegal. Like dope*. But luckily it’s not. Go find a movement practice you enjoy. Try things that you think you hate. Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself, like I did with running. Play the long game. Reasonable done with consistency beats extreme done sporadically.