So, essentially, mindfulness and meditation are the stress relief/emotional equivalent of chiropractic. What an achievement. What’ll they achieve next? Equivalence with witchcraft?

Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Fads are usually a way for someone to make a quick buck, not solve a problem. Don’t be a faddist. Be a problem solver. Think hard. Make sacrifices. Be willing to suffer to grow. Work like it matters. Make your absolute best effort, be honorable, and always have options. That’s what brings contentment.

Part of the reason there is so much more research now than there once was is because grants were available for young researchers in the field from sources like the Mind and Life Institute, Vago said. Today, there may be 200 researchers in the field. Yet according to one study the authors cited, the well-designed studies that have been done on meditation showed that the practice was only moderately effective, at best, for treating conditions like anxiety, depression or the unpleasantness associated with pain.”It didn’t even show that it increases well-being any more than a social group intervention. Just being in a group setting helps,” Vago said.

Source: ‘Mindfulness’ Is a Meaningless Word With Shoddy Science Behind It