A great example of what you write about strength training when you don’t actually know anything about strength training. Here’s a simple tool for understanding when a strategy you read in the MSM, such as this tripe, is actually meaningful or worthwhile: is this a strategy or training tactic that anyone who is actually strong uses?

Let’s do a quick little inventory: in StrongFirst, we don’t teach this. I follow the work of Louie Simmons and the crew at Westside Barbell…no one there doing this slow-down stuff. CrossFitters? No, I don’t recall seeing training videos of Rich Froning doing much super slow work. How about strongmen…guys like Alan Thrall at Untamed Strength? No, no slow work going on there, either. Even amongst body builders, no one is doing this.

So, if no one who is actually strong uses this training technique, of what value is it? And, why would you use it? Because some uninformed writer for a clueless wellness website says you should?

Strength is a skill. It requires a significant investment of time, energy, and thought. Yes, you must THINK about what you are doing and why. Building and maintaining strength and muscle mass is a lifelong pursuit that will actually prolong your life and improve its quality, but not until and unless you are ready to stop reading and implementing garbage quick fixes.

Well+Good: All you need to upgrade your strength training workout is to slow the eff down.