Kettlebells for life

It’s never too late…

…to start on the path to better health and fitness. Learning how to use kettlebells, combined with a healthier diet, more sleep, and better stress management is all most people really need to reduce their risk factors and improve their chances of living both longer and healthier lives.

One tool (okay, eventually you will probably have more than one kettlebell) that never breaks or wears out. As long as you have the will to learn and persist, your kettlebell can become your best fitness friend. No watches, no apps, no high-priced machines. Just a cannonball with a handle that, with my help, you will be able to use to improve every aspect of your fitness from mobility to strength to power.

What are you waiting for?


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Happy Clients, Happy Life

“Vik has been great to work with. As an avid Crossfitter, I was curious in the beginning if I was really a fit for coaching.  I have always struggled with a few key areas, mainly soda intake and portion control. Vik has given me practical, easy to implement suggestions that don’t require extensive change in my lifestyle. Still, after implementing the minor tweaks, it has made an impact. So, whether you are seeking a coach to help with your whole wellness process or just key parts, I recommend Vik.”

Vanessa L.

From my client G B. Roques, who just finished his eighth and final lesson:

I started kettlebell training because I wanted a form of exercise that could provide strength, mobility, and health. Kettlebell training seems simple. There’s only six major moves. But each move is technical and complex. Vik teaches you how to perform each movement safely and effectively. He encourages you to challenge yourself and grow as a result. Only you can do the work, but it’s great to have a passionate and competent guide like Vik along the way. If you’re serious about kettlebell training, then training with Coach Vik is a worthy investment.

G B. Roques

“Vik offers a coaching style that is motivating and gets results. His common sense approach builds strength, health and character that is good for all ages.”

Rachel M., M.D.

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