Photo Gallery

Getting after it, doing double kettlebell snatches, with a 35 pound kettlebell in each hand.




My son, Jaxon, 12, doing a Turkish Get Up (TGU) balancing a cup of water on his raised fist. The TGU is tough enough on its own, but balancing the water on the fist makes it a challenging exercise in muscle tension, controlled breathing, whole body dynamics. Do 10 TGUs four times a week, you’ll be amazed at how much your body (and your attitude) change.


Me doing an asymmetric weighted carry, with 62 lbs in the rack position at my shoulder/chest and 53 lbs overhead. Weighted carries are a vastly misunderstood and under-appreciated tool for building strength and stability from head to toe. This is just a quick stroll across my workout mat, but I typically do this walk back and forth along the full length of our basement gym/dojo as a warm-up activity. One way to do these is to start with the heavier bell at your shoulder and the lighter one overhead and walk as far as you can until fatigue sets in. Then, lower the heavier one into a suitcase carry at your side, and bring the lighter one down to the rack position. Resume your walk, until you get too tired to continue. Rest 2 minutes and then switch sides with kettlebells and walk back to your starting point.


Finally, the perfect push-up. If you cannot do a perfect push-up (assuming you don’t have a physical limitation, such as damaged shoulders), why would you go sit on a machine at a gym to do chest presses? Push-ups are an outstanding and almost infinitely adaptable tool for building whole body strength and stability. If you do a large enough volume, you can also build and maintain substantial muscle mass.