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Vik Khanna

Exercise and fitness coach with a penchant for telling the truth. 3rd Degree Brown Belt, Shotokan Karate.Strength coach, advisor, consultant, author, teacher, and student.

Bodybuilding and Weight Training from IronOnline

Great essay by The Blond Bomber, bodybuilding icon Dave Draper, who writes a terrific periodic newsletter. This essay about The Best Workouts is an excellent read. Pay close attention to his list of internal and external requirements for an outstanding training session. Compliments are hard to receive and […]

Power Supply Kettlebell Training…Oct 13 2017

Welcome to the October 13 issue of Power Supply Kettlebell Training ‘s newsletter. This month, you can read about why the fitness industry is a public health failure and how a strength training plan helped trapeze artists improve at their highly complex skill. Read on and learn more! Getting ready […]