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Vik Khanna

Exercise and fitness coach with a penchant for telling the truth. 3rd Degree Brown Belt, Shotokan Karate.Strength coach, advisor, consultant, author, teacher, and student.

What fitness pros wish you knew

Lots of good tips in this article for people searching for a qualified fitness professional to work with. To sum up: do your homework; don’t expect miracles; stay alert for lousy advice and unqualified instructors; and, plan to do some work. No trainer can make you do what […]

Protein will not kill your kidneys

Vicious and well-deserved take-down of a wide variety of so-called health professionals talking about the dangers of protein, especially in men and growing boys. Done as only Coach Mark Rippetoe can do it. Who is this moron Dr. Jerel Calzo? Just goes to show that the Ph.D. degree is […]

Good vs bad trainers and coaches

Strength coach Mark Rippetoe is nothing if not boldly opinionated. That’s part of what makes him so interesting to read and listen to. In this piece, he outlines the crucial differences between the machine-based training common in popular fitness centers and the barbell-centric approach that he advocates. In […]

Facebook is a nutrition minefield

Men’s Health isn’t exactly a font of wisdom, but in this case, they make a very useful and amusing case that Facebook is just about one of the worst places you can get nutrition advice. If you believe any of the following (or that milk is bad for […]