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Exercise, Government-Style | Mark Rippetoe

Gawd, I love Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength. You must read this complete annihilation of the National Institute on Aging and their laughably incompetent (but good enough for government work) guide to exercise for older adults. Only government bureaucrats — and richly funded P.R. consultancies — could produce […]

Train with sand…Brute Force

Although I am a very proud and highly capable┬áStrongFirst SFG, I train with other tools too. When I am not hoisting one of my Rogue kettlebells, I am moving a Brute Force Sandbag. The best sandbag you can buy from two great guys running an All-American small business […]

Outside: Strength Tips from the NFL’s Top Trainer

Outside Magazine publishes some very useful and well-written fitness material. This article falls into that bucket. Excellent, clear, straightforward, actionable advice from an NFL strength coach. This is so not workout-of-the-day/week/month b.s. Be great (and keep getting better) at fundamentals is a fitness strategy that will last a […]