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The Case for Eating Butter Just Got Stronger | TIME

Darisuh Mozaffarian is the real deal…a physician-scientist who actually understands science. This is an excellent summary article on the apparently interminable (and mostly idiotic) debate over fat in the diet. Get rid of poor quality carbs (alcohol, sugar, refined grains) and a lot of the rest of your […]

The 5 Rules of Workout Challenges | T Nation

Training challenges are a potentially useful tool for engaging people and helping to focus on a discrete set of goals. However, like all forms of physical training, they need a framework, limits, and logic. Training challenges should never leave people drained or injured, and they are not a […]

StrongFirst SFG 1

I am the only StrongFirst SFG 1 in West County (St. Louis, MO county). I am also the only SFG 1 with 42 years experience in strength training as well as a background in clinical medicine and public health. This unique package of skills and knowledge puts me […]