A ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Pill? Sure, If You’re A Mouse. | Kaiser Health News

First class quackery. I'm 61, and I would crush these clowns in the gym. Magic pill my ass. Go lift barbells and kettlebells; then, tell me about your youthful vigor. Typical Harvard bullshit. The race for the cure to aging…


A 5 Point Checklist For Filtering Sh*t People From Your Life

This is a great post from someone willing to speak truth. If you are offended, you are most likely one of the immutable snowflakes he’s trying to educate.

Straight Talking Fitness

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I get it, you want this year to be good. You told everyone on Facebook how well you did last year. You grew. You fought. You came back better and stronger. After everything life threw at you, you still stood up straighter…….

But did you really, motherfucker?

Or did you just write that out because you saw more than 50% of the ‘friends’ you follow do the same? Did the words flow because in your head you’d love to believe them? See, I can type anything here and try to convince you I’m anything but unless you meet me or know me, you’d be foolish to believe a word of it.

What am I getting at?

If you want to tell the world you’ve changed, try actually fucking changing instead of repeating the same shitty old doomed habits that kept you moaning in 2018. You can wrap shit up in…

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